Roxy: He kissed you, like really kissed you, like he meant it?
Pamela: Oh yeah, he definitely meant it.
Roxy: So what did you do?
Pamela: Honestly, I don't even know.
Roxy: Did you kiss him back?
Pamela: Maybe, I don't know. I was just so shocked.
Roxy: But you didn't push him away.
Pamela: No.
Roxy: Pamela Moran. You hussy!

Roxy LeBlanc, Pamela Moran
Army Wives Season 5 Episode 1: "Line of Departure"
Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Michael: Should we be insulted that she's so happy to leave home?
Claudia Joy: Michael, it's the natural order of things for kids to want to be as far away from their parents as possible.

Denise: Are you ready?
Claudia Joy: No. You?
Denise: Oh God, no.
Claudia Joy: It's gonna be a hell of a year.

Army Wives Season 5 Episode 1 Music

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Bright morning stars Bright Morning Stars Abigail Washburn iTunes
Song Seize The Day Shelly Fraley iTunes