Jenny: Ms. Abanda, I want you to speak for your brother, Kofi, today. But fr us to d that, your questions can't show any bias.
Ms. Abanda: Well, Madam Coroner, the only bias in this court is the systemic targeting of Black and Indigenous people.
Jenny: I don't disagree. I support any and all discussions on the inbalances in our system when it comes time for recommendations. But today is about the facts in this case.
Ms. Abanda: FACT: Kofi fell in with stupid people when he was young. AND FACT: He had a problem with drugs. FACT: He pulled himself up, and out, to become a good, honest man. Yet still, he dies needlessly at the hands' of police. FACT.

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Coroner Season 1 Episode 6: "Confetti Heart"
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Coroner Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Kim: Detective Kim Taylor, Toronto Homicide Division. Aside from my duties as an investigator, I also teach Use-of-Force Training at the academy.
Leigh Mark: Could you please describe this for our jury?
Kim: Certainly. It's the process of learning when and where lethal force may be applied. Regulation 926. Subsection 9 of the Police Services Act states that a member of the police force shall not draw, point, or discharge their firearm, unless he or she believes, on reasonable grounds, that to do so is necessary to protect against loss of life or bodily harm.
Leigh Marks: And would that apply in this case?
Kim: Unfortunately, yes. In the event of an EDP, emotionally disturbed person, they're not always able to comply, which leads to escalation if officers are confronted with violence.
Jenny: And in this Use-of-Force Training, are Officers taught to de-escalate?
Kim: Of curse, it's part of the training, but it's not always practical in the field.
Jenny: In your opinion, could this incident have seen a different outcome.
Kim: Having reviewed the evidence and the statements from the officers involved, a different outcome was very unlikely.

Alison: It's normal to be nervous,
Jenny: No, I'm not ... I'm not nervous.
Alison: Sure you are. Nobody likes their first inquest. It's a huge responsibility. You're basically saying, these people died, and I'll make it nevr happen again.