Barba: What about the wife. She's illegal, right? Let's call ICE.
Carisi: Excuse me? We're gonna help ICE now to deport a woman with two little kids?
Barba: I dunno, but we're damn sure gonna threaten it.
Carisi: I thought New York was a sanctuary city!
Barba: Don't give me that. This is someone who stood there and did nothing while his friends raped and killed two people. I'm sorry, but my sympathy is with Lela and Mala Samra, not with Soledad Ramirez.
Benson: He's right. I'm not a showboat for the Feds and I don't give a damn about anyone's immigration status, but we have to do whatever we can in this case.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 21: "Sanctuary"
Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 21 Quotes

How many more innocent Muslims have to die before the NYPD does its job?


Seigler: What are you doing talking to my client?
Benson: He is a victim in a crime. He was talking to me about what he was doing in that bar, nothing more.
Seigler: He's done talking. No more questions.
Benson: That's your choice.
Fin: And it's a stupid one.
Seigler: I have a client to defend.
Fin: We have a witness who ID'd him out of a lineup -
Seigler: Who is now in a refugee camp in Turkey.
Benson: That doesn't make his ID invalid.
Seigler: I'm going to talk to my client. Or are you going to arrest him for having been held hostage?