(Kevin visits Addison at the work)
Addison: Hey, to what do I owe this surprise?
Kevin: I've got this coming weekend off and I was thinking you, me, Cabo San Lucas, weekend away Pamia, very fancy, perfect clear blue waters. (shows Addison the tickets) We could get away... too much?
Addison: No... Yes... No... Yes... yes. No here's look here's the thing, we've been out a few times and am it's, it's been great I, I really like you...
Kevin: Is this where you break up with me?
Addison: No-- No, it's just am-- I have these rules, while they're stupid rules really but, in the past when I don't have rules it didn't go so well... my point is that now that I have my rules I don't wanna break them you know.
Kevin: Yeah... I have no idea what you're talking about. I wanna know but am rules?
Addison: Sex rules.
Kevin: Rules about sex?
Addison: You know a hotel means a room, a room means a bed, a bed means...
Kevin: You have sex rules.
Addison: I'm waiting.
Kevin: Until marriage?
Addison: No, no, no, no, I just am, until it feels right, until I'm sure.
Kevin: Okay, so we'll wait. I'm good with waiting. I'm happy with waiting.
Addison: Really?
Kevin: No, but I can wait.

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Addison Montgomery
Private Practice Season 2 Episode 4: "Past Tense"
Private Practice
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