Mrs. Soong: Can I just say, my mother's necklace looks lovely on you.
Althea: I'm I worth more with it on? Is that why you gave it to me?
Mrs. Soong: I'm sorry?
Althea: That's what tonight was about right? My bridal price? And now with this prenup... my objective value? Let's just say it out loud and do it in writing! But we won't do it in dollars because that would be tacky. What about... ducks! How many ducks am I worth? Hmm? Let's have an auction. I'll open up the bidding at four ducks for my legs. Do I hear four ducks?
Or what about my brain? I got a twenty duck brain uh do I hear twenty-five? No? Ok. Uh what about my body? I've been told I have nice curves for a Chinese Girl!
Mei-Li: Althea?
Althea: Why am I negotiating? The object never has a say in what she's worth.

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Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 4: "Hand"
Kung Fu
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Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Nicky: Not gonna lie Althea this buying of the bride thing sounds-
Althea: The academic term is bride price. Buying the bride is country. And what does it sound like?
Nicky: Like one of those cow shows.
Althea: Cow shows? Like a livestock auction?
Nicky: Yeah!
Althea: Look, Dennis' parents aren't measuring my girth and bidding on me with cash!

Mei-Li: Did you see the pair of pants Althea was wearing today? It looked like it was made of solid gold. A present from Mrs. Soong.
Jin: Solid gold pants huh? Sounds uncomfortable.