Evan: Glad you made it back.
Henry: Did you find her?
Nicky: She's gone.
Evan: Are you okay?
Nicky: I'm okay.
Henry: Did you find what you were looking for?
Nicky: Yeah. I did.

Pei-Ling: What is it?
Nicky: I can feel it, this is what I was meant to find.

Mei-Li: Jin, should we talk?
Jin: I need time Mei-Li. You kept secrets from me for decades about you, your sister, Nicky.

Nicky: I know it's crazy, I know it's risky. I know my plan needs work, but I need to get this dagger, and you can't stop me.
Ryan: We know that Nicky.
Althea: That's why we're going to help.
Nicky: What?
Althea: I've got some skills, Ryan's got some ideas, it's still crazy, but together we think we can make this work.
Nicky: No I, I can't put you guys in danger.
Althea: Oh, we won't be, promise. You'll still be the one carrying all the risk.
Ryan: We'll just be there assisting from the sidelines keeping you from, you know, getting arrested.
Henry: I wasn't bailing on you. I just knew we needed help. Help doing this the right way.
Nicky: Well I guess I can admit it now, I had no idea how to pull this off alone. Okay! Should we get started? Make this an actual workable heist?

Henry: Nicky?
Nicky: It's gone. The dagger, she took it. She's gonna get away with it, all of it.
Henry: Hey, Nicky be smart about this.
Nicky: No!
Henry: Let it go!
Nicky: I won't. I can't.
Henry: She will kill you! Ever since we found out about the dagger you've been driven by something, and I don't think it's justice.
Nicky: Get my family out of here.

Nicky: Give it back!
Zhilan: You'll have to fight me for it. Again. It's impressive that you survived our first encounter. Fool me once. You learned some new tricks!
Nicky: You killed my Shifu! Your sister!
Zhilan: Anger has blinded you, child. You know nothing about her. You never did.

Mei-Li: Do you remember your father's story? The one about the dragon?
Althea: You mean our favorite bedtime story?
Nicky: You and Baba said a dragon came all the way from China to visit us. Ryan remind me how old were you again when you realized wasn't real? Was it 16?
Ryan: Shut up.
Mei-Li: You may have grown out of believing that story, but it's time you knew what really happened. That word. That one hateful word.
Jin: When you called me back from the house, even when we were driving home, your hands were still shaking.
Mei-Li: I was so hurt, and so scared. I actually wanted to close the restaurant. But do you remember what you told me?
Jin: Yes I remember.
Mei-Li: You said: don't give them the satisfaction of giving up. That we should stay and put in roots so deep that no one could tear them out.

Police Officer: I have a warrant of the arrest of Joseph Harper, please come forward.
Nicky: Arrest Me.
Jin: Nicky! What are you doing?
Nicky: Taking his place.
Police officer: Cute miss, but we're for mister Harper. For him.
Nicky: I did it. Arrest me. Read me my rights.
Ryan: Arrest me!
Joe: Wait. Thank you, but I cannot let-
Jin: Arrest me!
Mei-Li: Arrest me!

Nicky: Pei-Ling told me something, and it goes beyond physics, beyond facts, and history. I didn't really believe her until now.
Henry: What do you mean?
Nicky: The unknown. Look in every illustration of the sword we found, the handle is smooth, when Pei-Ling showed it to me it was smooth When I grabbed it? Smooth. No markings, nothing. So how did this happen. The weapons glowed green. Well, I saw the sword glow, and this scabbard, it's inlaid with obsidian, like the sword. Black as night. Now if the weapons glowed green, and the sword glowed green, and this scabbard belongs to the sword... then... Henry! There are greater forces at play here. I think the magic is real.

Pei-Ling: You are changing, Nicky.
Nicky: I am?
Pei-Ling: I have seen you with the other women here, listening to their stories, appreciating the simple joys of practice, of being. You want answers about what you think you saw, all I can say is there are mysteries in the world Nicky, unknown to most people. Energies. Presences.
Nicky: You're not talking about Shaolin anymore, are you?
Pei-Ling: Do not look for logic, where logic cannot live. Open your mind to the unknown.

Nicky: It was her
Henry: Zhilan? You sure she had something to do with this?
Nicky: Think about it! The only reason we got the key and started this whole quest is because of what we found in Professor Chau's office. She kidnapped Chau!
Henry: Probably worse...
Nicky: Exactly. Who knows what she got out of him before then.

Mei-Li: Did you see the pair of pants Althea was wearing today? It looked like it was made of solid gold. A present from Mrs. Soong.
Jin: Solid gold pants huh? Sounds uncomfortable.

Kung Fu Quotes

Jin: Nicky! Don't leave.
Nicky: She doesn't want me here.

Henry: I have some ideas where to start digging. I live for this stuff.
Nicky: Thank you! And um, maybe keep this to yourself for now? My family's dealing with enough.
Henry: Our secret.