Diggle: I'm gonna stick by your side, for as long as I can. But I know you have to do this alone.
Oliver: Every mission has an end.
Diggle: I wish this one didn't.
Oliver: I couldn't of done any of this, any of it, without you. You've always been my rock.
Diggle: Don't you mean the best man you've ever known?
Oliver: I also mean that.

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Arrow Season 8 Episode 7: "Purgatory"
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Arrow Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Oliver: For a very long time, I have hated this place. I just think about all the people that it took from me. And it would just, it would just make me so angry.
Mia: But you're not now?
Oliver: Still a little bit angry. This island taught me to survive. It turned me into someone else, somebody better than the person I was before. So despite my feelings, there are no stories about the Green Arrow to tell if I don't make my way to Lian Yu. And I'm also not standing, in this moment, looking at my daughter.
Mia: Thank you for letting me a part of your story, even if it was only for a little while.
Oliver: Mia, something tells me you're going to create your own stories.

Oliver: Lyla?
Harbinger: Not anymore. I'm now a Harbinger of things to come.
Mia: And that's...?
Harbinger: Yes. The Crisis has begun.