Margo: Where the hell could Fen have gone?
Eliot: I know right. I gave her one, two, well several jobs, but the headline was, ‘Stay put and find the creep with the hard on for hunting fairies.’ OK, was he afraid of you?
Margo: Yep. They all think it’s my time of the month.
Eliot: Woman or wolf?
Margo: Who cares? Either way, I got them scared they’ll end up bleeding too, so I’m off the hook for a few weeks. Perk of marching with a bunch of scrots who have no clue how lady parts work.

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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 7: "Acting Dean"
The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Margo: Yeah, no shit Fillory’s in trouble. Goes by the name of the Dark King.
Eliot: Or whoever’s ordering dark shit on his behalf. We’re still investigating.
Margo: Which we were kinda in the middle of until you dragged us here ‘cuz you were sure bacon mcswine flu was talking about the harmonic convergence.
Julia: Oops. We accidentally stopped billions of people from dying. I’m sorry.

Todd: Something, something Fillory, a most amazing land, but fucked by catastrophe, and way before we planned. La la blah blah Fillory, a land without a god. Needs a brand new hero, a strapping land named …
Julia: Todd, please stop. OK, I just want to get this straight: So pig man gave you the quest in the form of a song?
Todd: Yeah. I might have changed some of lines, but that’s the gist. There’s also like three more verses, and the key change is tricky.
Julia: Or you could just write it down.
Todd: Oh, I did. The parts I could remember anyway on a couple of napkins, and then on the back of my hand. But don’t worry, I transferred that to another napkin. But short version: Fillory is in real trouble. He said death is coming for everyone, and then he rhymed that with smeveryone. Anyway, could you please help me?
Julia: I’m not going to help you; I’m going to take over entirely for you.
Todd: Oh thank god because I am dangerously underqualified for this.
Julia: I know.