I know how much pain a person can endure before passing out. I know how long it takes to recover. I know how to keep a person alive, even when letting them die would be more humane. When this is all over, you will beg me to kill you.


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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 24: "Luapo'i (Prey)"
Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes, Hawaii Five-0 Quotes
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

You know, it has actually just been the hardest part of this process, not having her involved. The hardest part is I always assumed that if and when there was a time to plan a wedding that she would be there, doing it with me every step of the way.


I know that you hate me right now and I don't blame you for hating me. But I am telling you now, we have a son and there is something wrong and that something wrong could kill him.