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Injured Kerry is brought back to Summerland. David tells Melanie telepathically that he met Oliver in the astral plane.

David takes Syd into the astral plane in his mind so they can be together and finally touch each other.

Melanie tells Loudermilk that David can bring Oliver back from the astral plane.

David tells Melanie that he's going to Division 3 to rescue Amy.

Melanie tells David that Oliver has powers very similar to him, and has been trapped in the astral plane for 21 years.

Loudermilk absorbs Kerry to help her heal.

David takes Syd into the astral plane, where they have sex.

Lenny appears in the astral plane, where she discusses the attack on Division 3 with David.

David leaves Syd to attack D3 alone.

Melanie tells the Summerland crew they are going to D3 to help David.

Syd tells Melanie about her astral plane encounter with David.

The team arrives at D3, and finds the utter carnage administered by David.

The team finds Dr. Kissinger in a cell, question him, but won't release him.

The team watches footage of David joyfully killing D3 guards, turning them to dust.

Infrared footage shows that David's is in fact possessed by Yellow Eyes.

Loudermilk confirms that a second entity is inside David's mind, controlling him.

Syd tells the team David went back to his childhood home with Amy.

David talks to Amy about his past, trying to find answers about who he really is.

Lenny emerges from the astal plane to terrify Amy into revealing the secret of David's life.

Amy tells David he was adopted.

Loudermilk comes up with a device that will hopefully isolate Yellow Eyes from David so they can talk to him privately.

As the Summerland crew searches David's house, he renders them mute so they can't communicate.

David retreats to the astral plane white room with Syd, but Yellow Eyes attacks. As a last resort, David sends everyone of the Summerland crew and The Eye back to Clockworks, where they are all mental patients. Lenny is now the doctor.






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Legion Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

David: I think I know what I am.
Syd: You do?
David: I'm the magic man. It's OK. It's OK. Just want you to know-I found a way for us to be together.

I met your husband. He was a beat poet?

David [to Melanie]