Mason: I need you to cover for me.
Sarah: No Mason. The answer is no. It is my birthday.
Mason: I thought your birthday was yesterday.
Sarah: I had to push it. It didn't happen last night, so it has to happen tonight. The way my birthday goes is the way my whole years goes. You're not asking me to ruin my whole year are you?

Mason McGuire, Sarah Krajicek-Hunter
Trust Me Season 1 Episode 5: "Way Beyond the Call"
Trust Me
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Trust Me Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Sarah: It's not a date. It's just two adults enjoying the night out together.
Conner: Isn't that the very definition of a date?

Conner: That wasn't about race.
Mason: What wasn't about race?
Conner: That was about cake. I love chocolate cake.
Mason: Everybody loves chocolate cake.
Conner: I also love vanilla cake. I love chocolate cake and vanilla - I don't want there being some kind of cake confusion being the last thing he remembers. You know, on the day he gets fired.