The episode opens with Conner and Mason watching auditions for the Arc Mobile commercial.  Shortly after, Denise informs Tony that their Arc Mobile account has gone in to review and to stop all work on the project, including the commercial.  Tony has everyone throw away their Arc Mobile phones and announces to the group to cease work.  However, Conner tries to convince Mason that they should finish the commercial on the agency's dime to try and win back Arc Mobile in the hope they'll pay for the commercial and take the account out of review.

After a night of thinking, the next morning Mason shows up at Conner's house ready to go to Los Angeles to film the commercial.  The two of them head out there and film the commercial, only they have to scrap Mike Ditka when he's unwilling to do the stunt work required.  They swap in a new ending and when Arc Mobile sees it, they love it enough to pay for the commercial, but not enough to take the account out of review.

Meanwhile, throughout the episode, Tony is having family problems and getting infuriated at Mason and Conner for ignoring him, much like his daughter does.  Apparently his daughter is getting married and didn't even invite him to the wedding.

It's poor Sarah's birthday and she has no one to spend it with so she calls her ex-husband.  He ends up ditching on their plans and they reschedule for the next night and they seem to be getting along well on their date until she invites him back to her place to spend the night.  He tells her they need to stop doing this to get over each other and she's left high and dry on her birthday.

Trust Me
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Trust Me Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Sarah: It's not a date. It's just two adults enjoying the night out together.
Conner: Isn't that the very definition of a date?

Conner: That wasn't about race.
Mason: What wasn't about race?
Conner: That was about cake. I love chocolate cake.
Mason: Everybody loves chocolate cake.
Conner: I also love vanilla cake. I love chocolate cake and vanilla - I don't want there being some kind of cake confusion being the last thing he remembers. You know, on the day he gets fired.