Michael: (about Sally) I'm dating her, but I just want to make sure that you're comfortable with that.
George Michael: Well, of course! We can double-date. You and Sally, and me and Ann.
Michael: Who?
George Michael: Wh... Ann?
Michael: Ah, yes. Of course I know Ann. I didn't mean "who", I meant, uh, "her".

Michael Bluth, George Michael
Arrested Development Season 2 Episode 11: "Out on a Limb"
Arrested Development
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Arrested Development Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Lindsay: That's the first time we're in the shower since our honeymoon.
Tobias: And this time no tears!

Ann: (comforting Lucille) You know, when times are tough, you can always turn to the power of prayer.
Maeby: Here we go.
Lucille: Show me.
Narrator: This was a big get for god.