Joanna: I know that things seem out of control right now and I know how desperately you wanna be with your kids but we have to do this the right way.
Kodie: The right way for you. It's easy to follow the law when it isn't constantly trying to crush you. I talked to Luna. She listened to you. Turned herself in, tried to do the legal thing, and what;d that get her?
Joanna: Exonerated.
Kodie: After months rotting in jail. Do you have any idea what months in foster care does to kids? Luna told me not to turn myself in. She told me to run.
Joanna: Luna's not a lawyer. That would be very bad advice to take.
Kodie: And where's yours gotten me?
Joanna: The system isn't perfect; it was designed to protect children.
Kodie: I'm trying to protect them. I haven't always been the best mom but they don't deserve this. I went through the foster care system. I won't let that happen to them.

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Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 4: "Desperate Measures"
Burden of Truth
Kristin Kreuk
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Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Joanna: When Kodie needs to think she goes to the land.
Billy: Yeah, she went somewhere after that first drug test.
Joanna: The Chartrand's have a camp. Kodie took me there once when we were kids.
Billy: Could make sense that she'd bring her kids there now.
Joanna: Yeah, especially 'cause no one else knows where it is. The Chartrand's wanna protect it.
Billy: Yeah, or their criminal enterprise. Keep people away from whatever it is they do up there.
Joanna: Or life is complicated and it's both.

Billy: We have been busting our asses to prove she's a stable mother and now this?
Joanna: We don't know for sure she's the one who took them. I just, I can't believe that she would do something so --
Billy: Irrational. Dangerous. She's out of control around those girls.
Joanna: Billy, she would never hurt them.
Billy: Before today would you have thought she'd ever kidnap them.