Lauren: Diva, Enzo, hi, okay. I was just schmoozing the editor of Modern Romance, yes, the Modern Romance, and I think we should submit your story.
Diana: What, what story?
Lauren: Your love story. Come on, the photo of you two embracing, fresh out of the sewer, dripping with American’s digested bounty. It’s gone viral. It’s the story as old as time but fresh as this morning’s flush.
Enzo: Wait, the paper would run our story?
Lauren: It’s just like Romeo and Juliet if Romeo smelled a little bit and there was poop in Juliet’s ear.

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Younger Season 6 Episode 2: "Flush With Love"
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Younger Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Kelsey: I didn’t even know I was co-hosting this event. Everybody on that list has been in publishing forever. I do not belong here.
Zane: You’re standing in front of a bar, you’ve never belonged anywhere more in your

Maggie: Yeah, well speaking of change that pussy bow needs to go. You look like Nancy Pelosi on the bottom and Melania Trump on top.
Liza: Oh, that’s no fun for anyone.