Charley: Who are you now then, Davis? That’s why I asked you here. I need to know if that kind, selfless man who was there for me when I was sick, who went above and beyond. Who cared. I need to know if he’s real. If that’s the real you, Davis.
Davis: It’s me. It’s me. I’m real, and I’m here. I’m here for you, Charley. And I can finally love you the way you always deserved if you’ll let me.

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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 10: "Onward"
Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

His name is Andre Nixon. He was only 19-years-old when he said you and your cop friends beat him until he could no longer walk.


Violet: Fools trying to fight about wearing a simple mask.
Charley: Being brainwashed to fight against their own survival. It’s surreal.