Danielle: I wanna go back.
Gordo: Back where?
Danielle: Jamestown. It has been nine years since any of us have been up there, and it's time. I want to see how it's changed. I want to see what it's become.
Gordo: You know what it's become. You helped design the dang thing.
Danielle: It's not the same thing. I want to see it with my own eyes. I want to suit up in the morning, put my boots in the moondust, see the sunrise off Shackleton again. Don't y'all miss it?

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For All Mankind Season 2 Episode 2: "The Bleeding Edge"
For All Mankind
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For All Mankind Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Danielle [looking at a hanging fern]: What the hell is that?
Gordo: Plants in a bar. What's next?
Ed: I tried tellin' her. She said it freshens up the place.

Al: I hereby relieve you as commander as Jamestown.
Ellen: I stand relieved.