Malia: How much am I worth?
Scott: $4 million.
Stiles: Are you OK?
Malia: Yeah. Scott's worth 25, Kira's 6; they'll take you guys out way before me.
Stiles: It's progress, it's progress.

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Malia Tate/Hale, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski
Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 7: "Weaponized"
Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Scott: Why would someone use all this money just to kill us?
Stiles: Someone wants you dead, dude. Badly.

Scott: Malia, you studied harder for this than any of us.
Malia: It doesn't mean I'm gonna do good.
Stiles: Well.
Malia: Well what?
Stiles: It's do well, not good.
Malia: Oh God!

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