Lucy: I can't believe how long Jordan's hair is. That must drive you crazy.
Samuel: Kids today just refuse to keep it high and tight.
Lucy: I like it.
Lois: Me too.
Lucy: He's so cute, especially with those cheeks.
Samuel: He looks like one of those pirates in the islands movies.
Lucy: You mean "Pirates of the Caribbean"? Dad's not really familiar with any movie not named "Delta Force."
Samuel: Just sayin' that first one still holds up.

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Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 6: "Tried and True"
Superman & Lois
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Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Clark: The pendant you came here with, what is it, exactly?
Bizarro Clark: It's an artifact as old as time, born when our worlds split. Paired with its counterpart, it can elevate the possessor into godhood.

Clark: And that's when you arrived in the mines?
Bizarro Clark: Where I was stuck for days... weakened by the X-Kryptonite. And now, I'm stuck once again... because of you.
Clark: Not because of me. Because you killed innocent people--two teenagers.
Bizarro Clark: Only by necessity.
Clark: You almost killed my friend.
Bizarro Clark: He attacked me.
Clark: You tried to kill me!
Bizarro Clark: Because I needed those visions to stop!