Jonathan: Wait, wait, wait. How'd you find out?
Jordan: Timmy's mom found an inhaler. Apparently, the police are involved.

Mitch: Until he reveals the location of that thing that killed our men, Superman will remain a prisoner of the United States government.
Officer: Where are they taking him, sir?
Mitch: To be with his brother.

Lucy: I can't believe how long Jordan's hair is. That must drive you crazy.
Samuel: Kids today just refuse to keep it high and tight.
Lucy: I like it.
Lois: Me too.
Lucy: He's so cute, especially with those cheeks.
Samuel: He looks like one of those pirates in the islands movies.
Lucy: You mean "Pirates of the Caribbean"? Dad's not really familiar with any movie not named "Delta Force."
Samuel: Just sayin' that first one still holds up.

Clark: The pendant you came here with, what is it, exactly?
Bizarro Clark: It's an artifact as old as time, born when our worlds split. Paired with its counterpart, it can elevate the possessor into godhood.

Clark: And that's when you arrived in the mines?
Bizarro Clark: Where I was stuck for days... weakened by the X-Kryptonite. And now, I'm stuck once again... because of you.
Clark: Not because of me. Because you killed innocent people--two teenagers.
Bizarro Clark: Only by necessity.
Clark: You almost killed my friend.
Bizarro Clark: He attacked me.
Clark: You tried to kill me!
Bizarro Clark: Because I needed those visions to stop!

Sarah: Dad, loosen up. You're dancing like a tin man.
Kyle: Yeah, well, that's how you're supposed to dance. Spaghetti arms are bad. See, I learned that from Patrick Swayze.
Sarah: Who?

Lois: So, uh, any updates on John Henry?
Clark: Yeah, I talked to the doctors this morning. He's out of the ICU, but he does have a tough recovery ahead.

Jordan: Do I smell banana muffins?
Lois: Those are for Nat, since you're going to the hospital today to see Tag.

You're my opposite.

Ally Allston will destroy everything. Your friends, your family, you’ll lose it all… unless you kill her first.


Will you help?


Your suit has less than 10 percent power.


Superman & Lois Quotes

Lois: We came here as a family.
Clark: It's too dangerous for them to know.
Lois: It's more dangerous if they don't.

Jordan: Our dad told us all these stories about growing up here.
Sarah: He tell you it sucks?
Jordan: Actually, I think he kind of loved it.