Sophie: Listen to me. Tara Cole is the best. I wouldn't have sent her if I didn't trust her, and I know you're going to love her. So just--just give her a chance.
Eliot: She is hot.
Alec: Very hot.

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Sophie Devereaux
Leverage Season 2 Episode 10: "The Runway Job"
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Leverage Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sophie: The last time one of you tried to grift, you wound up kidnapped by Russians.
Eliot: That's this brother right here.
Parker: Hardison.
Alec: Uh, we--we still can't let that go?

Sophie: Look, we didn't get along when we first started. Eliot, how long did it take before you trusted me? Hmm? Eliot, you do trust me, don't you.
Eliot: That's not the point, Sophie.