Parker: So, you're really going?
Sophie: How does that make you feel?
Parker: I think I'm ok with it. Yeah, I'm ok with it.
Nate: That's why we can go.

Sophie: Promise me, you'll keep them safe.
Elliot: Till my dying day.

Nate: Will you marry me Laura?
Sophie: Yes. Yes.

Nate: You've always had my back. Now will you be on my side?
Sophie: Did you steal it? Oh, cuz that would be more romantic, right Parker?

Nate: We're out. Done.
Sophie: We?
Nate: Well that depends on what, on what you say next of course.

Sophie: You said you found a buyer for the bottle. You didn't say wine. You said the Jefferson *bottle*.
Nate: I meant wine when I said bottle. It's not like the next buyer is every going to taste the wine. It's too valuable. Of course I meant, uh wine.
Sophie: You mean, we are drinking the world's most expensive wine?
Nate: You're the wine expert.
Sophie: And you're never going to tell me are you?
Nate: And I do know the difference between what's real and what's fake.

Nate: I may have found a buyer for the Jefferson Bottle.
Sophie: Oh. Oh!

Sophie: You expected the second glass to taste better. I told you a story. I set the table. You tasted what you wanted.
Madigan: That's disturbing.

Nate: At the end of the day, some things can't be faked.
Sophie: The end of the day, there's fake, and then there's [whispers] fake.

Nate: This isn't some rich person's weekend hobby. You can't fool a scientist at his business.
Sophie: It's just about status. Wine is just another way saying, I'm better, I belong. And that's my business.

Nate: The wine collection is the collateral, let's make the collection worthless.
Sophie: The bank finds out the collection is a fraud, Madigan loses the winery.
Hardison: We'll just take a 200 hundred year old bottle of grape juice and turn it into 2 Buck Chuck.

Hardison: Here's the full non-disclosure agreement that Kristin is to sign to get her settlement. The thing is 100 pagers longer than the one you sign for the CIA.
Sophie: How did you get your hands on a CIA contract?
Hardison: You ask too many questions.