Roxy: Look, I have told you that nothing happened. I do not understand why you don't get that.
Trevor: You don't get that every man in my unit thinks that my wife screwed around behind my back?
Roxy: But you know that I didn't!
Trevor: Do I?

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Roxy LeBlanc, Trevor LeBlanc
Army Wives Season 5 Episode 10: "Battle Buddies"
Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Frank: Now hold it right there. Are you about to blame your piss poor conduct on your wife? Did your wife tell you to go out drinking last night? Did your wife tell you to oversleep this morning?
Trevor: No sir.
Frank: No. That's an excuse I expect to hear from a Private, not an NCO. Certainly not a Silver Star recipient.

Frank: You know Sargent, as a rule, I don't enjoy having to clean puke off my boots.
Trevor: No sir.