Seaman: Look, Swallow, we should be able to divert the water with that pipe.
Narrator: And so, Seaman and Swallow get to, get to work. [laughs]

South Park Season 5 Episode 3: "Super Best Friends"
South Park
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South Park Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Kyle: (whispering) Cartman. Cartman, wake up. Cartman.
Cartman: (wakes up abruptly, knocking Kyle off his bed) No, Paula Poundstone! Leave me alone! Uh! Uh?
Kyle: It's just me.
Cartman: (Cartman realizes he's at the camp with Kyle and sighs) Brother Kyle? Why do you disturb my rest?

Blaine: Damn you, Super Best Friends!
Jesus: Your magic is no match for our powers combined, Blaine!
Blaine: (gets in a rocket) Then I guess you win this time, Super Best Fools! But I'll be back! (launches the rocket and flies in the sky)
Jesus: Damnit!
Buddha: It's alright. Everything is as it should be.
Jesus: Oh, shut up, Buddha!