DDA Hobbs: Look, the DAs office needs a new Chief for its Bureau of Investigation. My boss would be thrilled to offer you the position. Of course, you'd mainly be an administrator, but you could get into the trenches, too, now and then. If you wanted.
Brenda: Could I bring someone from my team?
DDA Hobbs: Does that mean you'll consider the offer?
Brenda: I guess I'll need a new job. I don't know. I'll need to think about it.

Brenda Johnson
The Closer Season 7 Episode 21: "The Last Word"
The Closer
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The Closer Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Mr. Grant: Now, look, I'm not the only person Rusty sees.
Provenza: Please, I'm depressed enough.

Okay, so you're certain of his age but you don't know his name?