Aaron: How's Ronnie? 
Larry: There's certain firsts we all remember. First love. First kiss. First heartbreak. 
Aaron: First racist experience.
Larry: Yeah. I was in kindergarten. My new best friend told me his parents said he couldn't play with any "n's." He didn't even know what that word was.
Aaron: I was eight. In the scouts. There was three of us black kids, and when it came time to set up camp, the scout leader, he segregated us. Put us on the outskirts of the white kids' tent

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For Life Season 2 Episode 7: "Say His Name"
For Life
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For Life Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

People walking around all horrified like this is new. His knee was the noose, honey. They just got a new way to kill us now. 


Aaron: Hey, what's wrong?
Jasmine: They won't get off his neck. He just kept begging and they wouldn't let him up. He just wants to be let up. Why wouldn't they let him up? He was crying for his mother. He just kept crying!