Allison: You’re unbelievable! You make me come home for the summer, you tell me I have to act like Lennon, and then when I finally get close to the people she was closest to, you tell me to stop. What, do you want me to be fake and alone for the rest of my life?
Bruce: Margot didn’t love you. She loved your sister.

Allison: Do you ever think about turning in those texts to the police? I mean, like, anonymously?
Riley: Anonymously? Yeah, that’s not a real thing. So see you in jail unless you think your dad’s dick is some kind of power tool.
Allison: What’s that supposed to mean?!
Riley: My mom’s been bitching about cleaning up their mess.

Riley: You good? Because you don’t seem good.
Allison: It’s hard to be good the day after your sister’s funeral and a bunch of people got merked.
Mr. Davenport: YOLO! Am I right, girls?

Lyla’s Mom: It’s the cult!
Lyla: Okay. Okay… Mom, that was 25 years ago! And it was a mass suicide.
Lyla’s Mom: They almost destroyed us!

I get my porn for free.


Margot: I know you love me. And I love you too.
Lennon: If you knew me at all, you’d know that I don’t give a single flying fuck about you.

Allison: Why? So I can be like you?
Lennon: I’d never wish that on anyone. I just want you to have a fucking life.
Allison: I have a life!
Lennon: You’re a virgin who doesn’t have a driver’s license. So…
Allison: Did you just misquote Clueless at me?

Margot: [Dances] Everyone so wishes they were us right now!
Lennon: Yeah, I fucking wish I was us.

Allison: I cannot believe you fucked Dylan.
Lennon: You don’t know that.
Allison: Yes, I do. It is written all over your fucking face. You had sex with the one person I’ve been in love with my entire life.
[Lennon smiles]

Margot: We need to calm down and think about this rationally. I mean, what was she even doing here?
Dylan: I’ll take the blame.
Riley: Seriously, Dylan?! The police don’t give a shit about your OCD guilt complex.
Margot: She’s right! Riley is right. They’re going to arrest all of us.
Riley: That’s the end of MIT, okay? None of us are going to college or anywhere else. Maybe Margot because she’s rich but the rest of us? We’re fucked! We will serve time and our lives will be fucked forever.
Johnny: They have to understand this was an accident.
Dylan: We have to do the right thing.

It’s fun to be me.


Bruce: I’m just saying, it might not be so bad if she found out.
Lyla: That we’ve been secretly hooking up her entire life?
Bruce: Not the whole story, just that we’re together now.
Lyla: But we’re not together, we’re just fucking.
Bruce: But you still want more?
Lyla: That was a long time ago. This works now, it’s dirty in a good way. A “put your goddamn dishes in your dishwasher” sort of way.

Prime Video Quotes

Natalie: When we win Panic, we don’t have to worry about jobs.
Heather: [To Bishop] What did I tell you, right? She’s serious.
Natalie: You guys should be rooting for me!
Heather: People died last year, Natalie.
Natalie: People die in bathtubs and in car accidents.
Heather: Especially when they’re walking blindfolded across the freeway.

Every small town has a secret. Ours has a game. The losers stay here where losing is what we do best. The winners get out. In Carp, Texas, out is the only place worth going. That’s why players risk their lives to win.