And remember, it ain’t over until you lip-synced from your living room! Just ask me.

Jaida Essence Hall

RuPaul: So, how’s it gonna feel to send those bitches home?
Gottmik: Correct!
[Everyone laughs]

RuPaul: Now, I love your Scottish brogue. I can say only one thing with a Scottish accent, it’s “Lawrence Chaney!” Can you teach me how to say something else with a Scottish brogue?
Rosé: Yeah, here’s one … “Ellie Diamond!”
[RuPaul laughs hard]

RuPaul: Who has the best “D”?
Heidi N Closet: Now that I’m here… L.A.!
[They both laugh]

What possessed me to make that bag look? What was I going through?!

Lala Ri

We all brought the same drag. [She laughs]

Elliott With 2 Ts

You will know, and someday your children’s children will know, that Tina liked red, yellow, and orange.

Tamisha Iman

Y’all were lucky they sent me home first!

Kahmora Hall

Kandy Muse: Oh, she’s a rapstress?
Rosé: You know, I do rap sometimes.
Kandy Muse: I’ve never heard you do that back in New York.
Rosé: Well, you’re gonna discover I can rap!

America’s gonna think I’m psycho because I’m obsessed with Jamal. But I’m obsessed with Jamal!


As much as I love these bitches, athletes don’t go to the Olympics to make friendship bracelets. I’m ready to take these bitches down. Love them so much.


Symone: Oh s***, what did I win?! I won…
Kandy Muse: Just say four…
Symone: Just four. Just four lovely challenges.

VH1 Quotes

Michelle: I love a conflicting pattern. Tonight... it’s a full-out war.
[RuPaul laughs]
Michelle: There is the leg things with the crystal fringe and then we open the acid-wash shirt and there’s my giraffe, yes.
Monique: You said giraffe but I got brown cow.
Michelle: Girl, that’s a giraffe.
[RuPaul laughs]
Michelle: Cow’s aint spotted like that. That’s a giraffe.
Monique: I saw it and I was like, “Ah, brown cow! Stunning!”
[Everyone laughs]

Miss Vanjie... Miss Vanjie... Miss... Vanjie!

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo