Dr. Venture [about Orpheus' cat]: Oh, she's an affectionate little one.
Dr. Orpheus: Oh my apologies, she's in heat.
Dr. Venture: I heard if you take a q-tip and moisten it with warm water...
Dr. Orpheus: Ohhhh! I tried that once, it was horrible. I couldn't look at her for a week. She was just a walking reminder of our common shame.
Dr. Venture: Oh dear God, that's not your wife in some like, magical animal form

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Dr. Venture, Dr. Orpheus
Venture Brothers Season 1 Episode 5: "Eeny, Meeny, Miney... Magic"
Venture Brothers
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Venture Brothers Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Hank: Scuba. Scooba. Scooba scooba scooba scooba scooba. Say "Scuba."
Brock: Scuba.
Hank: Scuba. It sounds funny. Scuba.
Brock: Scuba. Yeah, it does

Evil has struck the House of Venture! The air reeks of an ill wind! Yay, though I have smelt it, that have dealt it!

Dr. Orpheus