Dark Lord: You think a few rotten vines can hold me?
Essex Elder: Once, you were the source of Mary's power. Not anymore! Now it will be OUR power coursing through our sister. You've never understood the real meaning of sacrifice nor its power. No one may sacrifice another...only themselves.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 7: "The Man Who Was Thursday"
WGN America
Oliver Bell
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Salem Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Anne: Your bastard child would've been born out of wedlock and Cotton would have had no choice but to turn his back; deny his upstanding name to both of you. So you see, this is for the best for everyone.
Gloriana: You stole the life from inside me. God will strike you...
Anne: God will see one of his kind creatures saving another!
Gloriana: Lie for your own ear's sake. But you and I both know what kind of creature you truly are!

Sebastian: No kiss goodnight?
Mary: I hate you!
Sebastian: You cannot deny it was good.
Mary: And that is precisely why I hate you!
[Kisses passionately]
Sebastian: If that is what your hatred tastes like, I look forward to your love.
Mary: Do they make love in hell? Because surely as the sun is near rising, the boy will see you there before he lets me go.