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Mary is furious with Sebastian for forcing his magic to seduce her. He asks her to run away with him, but she's adamant the spell binds her to Salem. He uses magic to transport her and the resulting restriction nearly kills her.

Anne reveals her "pregnancy" to Cotton and blames the expedited trimester to her witch blood. The specter continues to haunt her.

John Alden visits the blacksmith to create a blade by hand; he adds the potion from Tituba.

Gloriana attacks Anne in retaliation for stealing the baby, but she protects herself.

Sebastian visits the Essex Witches for help in Mary's restriction.

Isaac bands the poor people of Salem together to fix the town and defend against the wealthy. Mercy wants to rid of him permanently, but Hathorne convinces her to focus on a different path: He wants to turn Mercy into the belle of Salem.

Anne visits Mercy at the brothel in need of a discussion. Mercy will visit her later at her pleasure.

Mary shows Cotton the angels' tears and begs for his help. She asks him to deliver a letter to John Alden. He hears his father's voice in the Sibley home and it leads him to the mysterious door. The Sentinel reveals behind the door is hell itself.

Isaac has become a judge and begins condemning to crimes/punishments. He issues a decree against John Alden.

Cotton and John reconvene to chat about the upcoming threat. He delivers the letter to John but Cotton reads it since John can't read cursive. Mary's letter confirms that she is still on his side.

Anne visits Gloriana and sticks her finger into Gloriana's eye to conduct a spell. The spell was to make her forget her memory and have her work with Mercy at the brothel.

The dark lord's doll house reveals the inhabitants of the house.

The dark lord ambushes a meeting between Mary and the Essex Witches. They trap him with vines from the tree and the Essex Witches commit suicide to offer their power to Mary. It was a trap set by the Essex Witches, Mary, Sebastian and the Sentinel. She rips apart the body of the dark lord and kills him.

Even with the dark lord dead, Black Sunday still looms and the Sentinel plans to destroy the world.

A mysterious figure in a cloak collects the body parts of the dark lord.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Anne: Your bastard child would've been born out of wedlock and Cotton would have had no choice but to turn his back; deny his upstanding name to both of you. So you see, this is for the best for everyone.
Gloriana: You stole the life from inside me. God will strike you...
Anne: God will see one of his kind creatures saving another!
Gloriana: Lie for your own ear's sake. But you and I both know what kind of creature you truly are!

Sebastian: No kiss goodnight?
Mary: I hate you!
Sebastian: You cannot deny it was good.
Mary: And that is precisely why I hate you!
[Kisses passionately]
Sebastian: If that is what your hatred tastes like, I look forward to your love.
Mary: Do they make love in hell? Because surely as the sun is near rising, the boy will see you there before he lets me go.