Allegra: So, I guess I'm looking to run a firm. What are your suggestions?
Liz: Did Diane Lockhart reached out to you?
Allegra: She did.
Liz: She suggested you come in here and talk about a position, so that I would offer the partnership here and think it was my idea.
Allegra: Yes.
Liz: Diane thinks that you will side with her in partnership decisions instead of me.
Allegra: That's right.
Liz: And what if I hire you? Will you do that?
Allegra: No.
Liz: Why?
Allegra: I'm not a political person. When people convinced me I side with them. That's why I clerked for Scalia and Ginsburg.
Liz: Will you tell Diane about this conversation.
Allegra: Only if she asks.

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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 8: "And the detente had an end..."
The Good Fight
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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

David Lee: Ok, that’s it, stop. Both of you go to my desk.
Diane: What?
David Lee: I said go to my desk, both of you.
Liz: Are you going to spank us?
David Lee: Stand on both sides of my desk now.
Liz: Is this some sort of trust exercise?
David Lee: Yes, grab both ends on three, pick it up and carry it the fuck down into your office Liz because if you don't solve your differences in the next 24 hours, I'm coming to live and work with you, and you don't want me down there solving your problems for you. Do you understand?

Marissa: What are you doing prosecuting Julius Cain?
Wackner: What am I doing? My job.
Marissa: But he's from our firm. S
Wackner: So?
Marissa; So it's bullshit. Let him go.
Wackner: No. You're the one that accused me of bending justice to give Del that happy ending he was looking for.
Marissa: This is different.
Wackner: How?
Marissa: Because he’s from your law firm.
Wackner: More the reason not to bend the rules for him.
Marissa: Oh my god, when did you become some person you become?