Isaac: Does your boss know you're doing this?
Nadine: No. I'm not letting Swagger die out there today. Neither are you. Try to run, and I'll leave you up there on that mountain.

Isaac: Hey, you're gonna need every long-gun you can get. Let me help.
Nadine: It's not my call.

You like statistics, right? There's a 100% chance I get inside your head. The question is how long you live afterward.

Simmons [to the sniper]

Memphis: How many man can Swagger take out?
Isaac: I don't know.
Memphis: Well how about an estimate?
Isaac: A shitload.

Radcliffe: What happened? She was supposed to be in a relaxing simulation!
Aida: She was in a day spa, getting a hot stone massage.
Radcliffe: How hot did you make the stones?

Isaac: He screwed whatever resources you have, stop him.
Grigory: You mean kill him.

Did you know, we can make a tracker so small, you can eat one and never know it?


Krukov will never stop coming after us...if I'm not back, you keep heading south.

Bob Lee

You've been a great little mini-Marine so far, but now our mission is to get out of here.

Bob Lee

Mary: Daddy always comes back!
Bob Lee: Always, sweetie, always.

Grigory: In my country we do not worry about headlines.
NSA: This isn't your country.

You are frightened but you have nothing to fear. Your father has something that belongs to us, when he gives it back, you will go home.