Waterfall Jr.: Popplers are living creatures. You gotta stop harvesting them for food!
Bender: Or what?
Waterfall Jr.: Or we'll boycott Fishy Joe's.
Leela: You're vegetarians, who cares what you do?
Waterfall Jr.: Shut up.

Leela, Bender
Futurama Season 2 Episode 18: "The Problem with Popplers"
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Futurama Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Farnsworth: A toast to Leela. She showed us it's wrong to eat certain things.
Fry: Hear, hear!
Bender: Let's get drunk!
Leela: Aww, thanks, guys. Pass the veal, please.
Bender: Here you go.
Fry: Mmm, let me get some of that suckling pig.

Bender: Who wants dolphin?
Leela: Dolphin? But dolphins are intelligent.
Bender: Not this one. He blew all his money on instant lottery tickets.
Fry: OK.
Leela: Oh, OK.
Amy: That's different.
Farnsworth: Good, good.
Leela: Pass the blowhole.
Amy: Can I have a fluke?
Hermes: Hey, quit hogging the bottle-nose.
Farnsworth: Toss me the speech centre of the brain!