Julia: I’m going to need a few more details. I don’t know, starting with why.
Clarion: Do I want to be human? Oh, it’s simple. So, I’m the goddess of melody, right, but did you know that we can’t actually feel music? Like we understand it, we can tell the good from the bad – ah, sort of.
Julia: So you want to be human so you can do karaoke?
Clarion: I know that it sounds like hubris itself, but I think I could be a rock star. I mean, I pretty much know the gig. Right, they all pray to me, except for Amy Winehouse -- OK, look how that one turned out. Poor thing. Any other questions.
Julia: Oh boy.

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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 4: "Magicians Anonymous"
The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Margo: What are we looking at here?
Male centurion: His Majesty wants the kingdom to witness him saving subjects from the Takers. These are in almost every room in the castle, most of the taverns, and …
Margo: It’s fucking Fox News.
Male centurion: Fox is all lies. No one would ever believe their news.

Kady: You met the nice me. Here’s the real me: Fuck off. What?
Fogg: Well, I take the anonymous part of Magicians Anonymous very seriously.
Kady: So you quit drinking?
Fogg: Thirty-three days, six hours, 19 minutes of skin peeling, soul-searing hell ago, yeah.