Lauren: How many times did you scrub each finger?
Floyd: What?
Lauren: How many times?
Floyd: 10.
Lauren: Why not nine or, uh, 11? Superstition?
Floyd: Routine.
Lauren: What was that thing you were reciting earlier?
Floyd: Invictus.
Lauren: Oh. Do you always recite Invictus while scrubbing in?
Floyd: I do.
Lauren: Kind of like prayer?
Floyd: Lauren, have it.
Lauren: Ritual. Loosen up Dr. Reynolds, not everything is going to go according to your plan. [under breath] Or everyone.

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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 2: "Rituals"
New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Who needs breakfast, am I right? Fistful of pills every morning.


Iggy: Based on your extensive experience--
Kapoor: You mean to say old?
Iggy: Yes, exactly. How long do you think this Max guy can shake things up before the Dean steps in?
Kapoor: Not long. Dean of Medicine does not like things shaken up. Based on my extensive experience.