JANE DOE: "She's got my dad's nose though. Girl's gotta have a big personality to pull off that nose. [pause] What?"
ALEX: "You remember your dad."
JANE DOE: "No. No, I don't."
ALEX: "You just said..."
JANE DOE: "I know, but I... I have no idea where that came from."

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Alex Karev
Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 23: "Testing 1-2-3"
Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

CRISTINA: "How do you treat pancreatic divisim?"
IZZIE: "Ugh, Cristina, if you're not gonna let me sleep you have to at least let me put coffee in my cup."
CRISTINA: "Okay, so go. No one's stopping you."
IZZIE: "I'm too tired to go."

"A surgeon's education never ends. Every patient, every symptom, every operation... is a test. A chance for us to demonstrate how much we know. And how much more we have to learn."

MEREDITH [narrating]