There are four things I wanna do this summer, but they're roommates so it's tricky.

Dr. Spaceman

Looks like you could use a little R & R...rum and ritalin.

Dr. Spaceman

Alright. Now that the popsicle's melted we've got ourselves a tongue depressor.

Dr. Spaceman

You're the one that makes us laugh. Never go away again.


Don't think I won't tase you alright? I got OCD and I love doing paperwork.


Tracy: Was Dot Com standing that gay?
Kenneth: Um no sir, he was not.

Tracy: JMo how long would it take for your hair to grow back?
Jenna: It depends. Do you have access to horse seaman?
Tracy: You know I do.

North Korea, everything sunny all the time, always, good time, beach party.

Kim Jong Il

And in food news, you've had enough to eat today.


Avery: I don't know why our daughter would be afraid of Reagan.
Jack: Are you accusing me of not doing enough Reagan time with her?

It just feels so good to have the Three Musketeers and Dot Com back together again.


Great news Jack. I've got a new life philosophy that I call Lizbianism.


30 Rock Season 5 Quotes

Jenna: Jack, can we talk, one ten to another?
Jack: I'm an eleven, but continue.

Jack: My naturally blonde lady love and I basked in the three S's: surf, sun and ...
Liz: Sandwiches?