You're a good guy who has to do something bad.

Silver [to Navid]

I feel nothing for you.

Naomi [to Austin]

I don't want to see you with Max because I can't stand to see you with him and not me.


Do you actually think I would wear rayon?


Thinking right just isn't the same as doing right.

Marissa Harris-Young

So do I get a cut?


If we're not gonna have any fun, then what are they paying you for?


We're stuck in a mess.


You just can't deal with the way I make you feel.

Austin [to Naomi]

They just wanna have sex.

Leila [referring to Silver and Navid]

Naomi: You don't know what I want.
Austin: But I know what you need.

Gay used to be a mood you know.

Uncle Charles

90210 Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Jane: Jim!
Liam: You're alive.

I'm gonna put new meaning behind the phrase "political party".


90210 Season 4 Episode 5 Music

  Song Artist
If you wanna If You Wanna The Vaccines iTunes
Song Can You Feel It Keith Kohn
The high decibels miss cindy Miss Cindy The High Decibels iTunes