And now you can go back to your double Ds!

Naomi [to Hal]

Austin: You got a lot to lose by telling the truth.
Annie: I'm just tired of not doing the right thing.

Trusting someone who believes in you is not a mistake.


I Liam-ized the bar uniform.


I thought that phony ass cowboy was my friend.

Dixon [referring to Austin]

You do realize that Adrianna is crazy, right?

Silver [to Navid]

You have to spend money to make money, honey.

Naomi [to Liam]

You're good with your hands as I recall.

Naomi [to Liam]

You are not going to raise my daughter, Silver!


Dixon: You don't care that we burned down the Phi Kappa house?
Austin: Nobody got hurt. They lost a couple of Ryan Gosling posters.

We're out of toilet paper again. What do you guys do...throw that stuff out the window?

Navid [to Dixon and Austin]

Have you ever heard the physics term "letting it slide"?


90210 Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Class? You're gonna go to class?

Annie [to Naomi]

Hook up with the right person and anything's possible.