Diana: Leaving me isn't the answer. I love you. Tell me how you feel. Forget the Covenant; forget the Congregation! How do YOU feel?
Matthew: You know how I feel.
Diana: Say it!

Matthew: He's gone. They're will be no more visits from the Congregation.
Diana: How do you know that?
Matthew: Because we're not going to break the Covenant.
Diana: You're giving in?
Matthew: Dominico's visit was a diplomatic mission; the next one will not be. Even if we stood up to them what then, hm? We'd be opening up old animosities that will spiral out of control and expose us to humans. I won't let that happen.
Diana: So that's it. We're just gonna abide by some ancient, narrow-minded agreement that was made 1000 years ago.
Matthew: Yes.
Diana: No. We are bound together. My magic started coming out when I met you.
Matthew: Three weeks ago, you never even heard of me. You don't know me. You have no idea what I'm capable of. You don't even know yourself.
Diana: Stop. Stop. Why are you being like this?

Diana: What is the covenant?
Marthe: You really don't know. it forbids interspecies relationships.
Diana: That's insane. Why would anyone ever agree to that?
Marthe: There were a lot more of us creatures back then, and we'd grown accustomed to taking what we wanted. Phillipe decided that if creatures from different species mated, it might upset the balance of power. So, the Covenant was drawn up.
Diana: What happens whenever creatures break it?
Marthe: To my knowledge, it has never been broken.

Give her to them. They won't kill her if you do. They will if you don't.


I'll hunt you down and kill you both. Even de Clairmonts can die.


What spell have you put on me?


Matthew: That's the first time I've seen you enjoying your magic.
Diana: I'm glad it's happening when I'm with you.

You know what I think? The de Clairmonts are finally losing their grip.


One of the reasons I am drawn to her is for her bravery. She reminds me of you. You were open-minded once, loved everyone for who they were. Why can't you at least try?


We can only protect ourselves against humans and other creatures if we work together.


I brought you here to be my ally not to look up information and use it against me. In the Salem trials, when a witch refused to plead, humans crushed them to death with weights. Should I treat you as a human would?


Why didn't you tell me you tested Diana Bishop. You missed her power. How could you have?


A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Of course. She speaks only English and New-French. That warmbloods are so poorly educated.


Ysabeau: You might have shown some consideration, Matthew.
Matthew: I thought you prided yourself on being a radical.
Ysabeau: I have never been a radical. Change is overrated.