Gerbert: I was worried that your love for Matthew might have blinded you.
Ysabeau: What do you know of love?

Baldwin: I am Philippe's only surviving blood son. I should be Grand Master. Matthew is using you to get to me.
Marcus: You're wrong. He trusts me to make a difference.
Baldwin: He's been lying to you your whole life.
Marcus: What's that supposed to mean?
Baldwin: Marcus, you don't want to be saddled with this. Just turn the Knights over to me, and you can go on living among the humans. They're the people you really care about. It wouldn't be an abdication; you'd simply be doing the right thing. Step out of Matthew's shadow. He doesn't deserve your loyalty.

Marcus: The Knights did amazing things a long time ago. What's their relevance today? Are they doing right now?
Ysabeau: You're Grand Master. That's for you to decide.
Marcus: If I'm in charge, I want to shake things up, use the Knights to make a real difference. We should be looking foward, not backward.
Ysabeau: Don't tear down the establishment without finding out how it was built or understanding its principles.
Marcus: Baldwin wants the Knights to badly.
Ysabeau: He always has. He needs to feel close to his father.

Ysabeau: Why would you reveal your true self to a human?
Marcus: I had to. I wanted to.
Ysabeau: Well, now you'll have to kill her.
Marcus: She won't tell anyone. She thinks I'm a headcase.
Ysabeau: Saved by a lack of imagination. Nevertheless, Matthew appointed you Grand Master of the Knights to protect our family's position, not undermine it.
Marcus: I didn't ask for any of this.
Ysabeau: The Grand Master can't be reckless. You need to understand your new responsibilities.

Gerbert: Philippe devoted his life to the de Clermonts and the vampire species, always ensuring that the interests of one served the other. Thanks to your son's choice of mate, these interests are now in direct conflict. I know he and his witch are hiding somewhere in time. But what are they planning?
Ysabeau: You traveled 800 miles from Venice to ask me that? Next time, send an email.

Phoebe: So, is there anything else i can help you with?
Marcus: You can come to dinner.
Phoebe: I don't even know you.
Marcus: Come on. I don't bite.

Marcus: I don't really know where to start.
Phoebe: Whatever it is, just tell me. It can't be that bad.
Marcus: I'm a vampire.
Phoebe: Come on, Marcus.
Marcus: Phoebe, seriously. I'm hundreds of years old. You catalog history; I've lived it. I know it sounds crazy, but humans share this planet with other creatures -- vampires, witches, and daemons who hide in plain sight and are all around you. Creatures like me.
Phoebe: So, you're not a superhero, just an actual vampire. Funny because I didn't see a coffin in your apartment.
Marcus: Everything you think you know about it is human propaganda based on half truths, passed down and distorted through millennia, but we are real. We are everywhere.
Phoebe: You seriously believe this.
Marcus: I swear, I'm telling the truth.
Phoebe: Then I feel sorry for you. I think you need help.

Marcus: If the baby does turn out to be a witch, you're going to need protection from the Congregation.
Nathanial: Screw the Congregation. Aren't we breaking the covenant already by living with a vampire?
Agatha: Daemons giving birth to witches would be unheard of. Sophie's birth may have gone unnoticed, but the granddaughter of a Congregation member would not.

Diana: I never thought I'd be so desperate not to meet Queen Elizabeth.
Matthew: Queen Elizabeth trusts me implicitly. Even Cecil cannot change that. Overnight.

I am nothing without Diana! And if you cannot accept that, you are no friend of mine. Stay away from her. Stay away from us both.


Diana: I often thought about what I'd ask her if I ever met her.
Matthew: Nothing. She'll ask the questions. Keep the answers short.

Diana: The others probably don't even believe that I am a weaver.
Goody: They've never met your like before. Nor have I. Most witches only have one element in their blood, and they only see the threads of those elements, so it's easy for them to choose between them, but you saw them all.

A Discovery of Witches Quotes

Gerbert: What is it? What can you see? Is Diana the witch from the prophecy?
Luisa: Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf for with it she shall destroy the children of the night.
Gerbert: I know that; I know. Speak to me or you will get no more of this.
Luisa: Two. Light. Dark.
Gerbert: There are two witches?
Luisa: One close.
Gerbert: Who is she, and where can I find her?

I'm still not comfortable around magic, especially after what happened to my parents. I still find it... I just find it difficult.