I’m okay. Really. I’m happy I put it out there and even if it didn’t go how I wanted. And Jacob was right. There’s some good stuff on the other side. It’s time to plant something new.


Janine: I really wanted to apologize for how things went down at Bone Town.
Maurice: You ever notice how people say they want to apologize instead of just apologizing? It’s wild.
Janine: Well, I’m sorry.
Maurice: It’s all good. Gregory told me not to pursue you, and I did anyway. So, I guess we’re both in our selfish eras.

Jacob: You two have done everything but tell each other how you feel. You have to tell her how you feel.
Gregory: There’s no real going back after that, is there?
Jacob: Nope. But there might be a lot of good stuff on the other side.

I think I did the right thing. I want to continue the path I’m on. I actually think selfish is good for me, for now. Gregory is great. He’s the greatest, actually. I guess I’m not ready for him, but that’s okay. I’m okay.


Volunteer: Have you ever thought about volunteering?
Melissa: Work for free? Ha! Yeah, you’re really not from Philly, are you, hon?

Janine: I’m happy Ava paired us up as group buddies.
Gregory: Now, don’t ever leave us behind. I need you to have my back in case someone casts an ancient spell and all of the exhibits come to life. I’m counting on those tiny fists for very precise blows.
Janine: Wait, so you did watch Night at the Museum?
Gregory: Yeah, I take all of your recommendations seriously. I want to know why you like stuff.

Maurice: So, for clarity. You don’t think you were being selfish?
Janine: No.
Maurice: So it’s normal for you to invite a guy to his favorite barbecue restaurant just to break up with him in front of his friend who you kissed but didn’t actually date?
Janine: I didn’t think of it that way.

More than 80% of the ocean has never been explored by humans. Aliens might already be here drinking Mai Tais and using the Indian Ocean as a lazy river.


Gregory: So this morning, you seemed really excited to have our classes paired together, and then you talked to Maurice, and now things feel different.
Janine: Yeah, that wasn’t about you.
Gregory: Yeah, well, it sure seemed like it was.
Janine: Okay, Gregory, don’t worry about it. Just forget it.
Gregory: I don’t want to forget it.
Janine: Why not?
Gregory: Because I like you, Janine. I have feelings for you and…

Janine: So if you liked me for that long, then what was the whole Taylor thing?
Gregory: You were in a multi-presidential term relationship…
Janine: Okay, but then I wasn’t.
Gregory: Are we really going to do this?
Janine: And then Amber?
Gregory: Hey, she asked me out, and you was giving me nothing.
Janine: Kissing you was giving you nothing?
Gregory: You called it a whoops.
Janine: You could have said it wasn’t a whoops.
Gregory: Look, I didn’t think it was an accident or a mistake. Besides, you started dating Maurice. We were both all over the place. But we’re here now.

Barbara: I think her mother is here to get that money!
Ava: Damn, that's cold.
Barbara: Thank you, Ava.
Ava: Note to self: New way to manipulate. Step 1: Have a daughter. Step 2: play the long game.

Vanetta: Barbara, this is a family matter. I don't remember seeing you at any of the cookouts. You don't know me.
Barbara: You're right. I don't know you, but I know your daughter, and she will help you out at her own expense.
Vanetta: Yeah, well, I'm her mother, and I brought her into this world -- at mine.

Abbott Elementary Season 2 Quotes

I'm pretty sure that was I'll beam you up. Like, clearly she's a Trekie. She wants to beam her up on her ship. Her friendship.


Student: Mr. Eddie, I accidentally brought my seed to my mouth and accidentally ate it.
Gregory: Well, let's think about it. Did you also swallow a wet paper towel?
Student: Yes
Gregory: Ok, let's go to the nurse.