Ivanov: A butcher does not seek forgiveness from the animals he slaughters.
Daisy: Have you ever read Animal Farm?

Just because someone uses your ideas for evil doesn't mean you shouldn't create them in the first place. You make things from the genius of your mind and the goodness of your heart.

Simmons [to Fitz]

I do have one regret. That I don't have any superpowers I can use to kick your ass.

Mace [to Ivanov]

As far as I'm concerned, you're just another redshirt, like so many others who tried to stop me from saving the world. So, cool original story, bro. But this means nothing to me.

Coulson [to Ivanov]

You did it. You jinxed us. You literally willed this into existence.

Coulson [to May]

You see, there is something lower than scum. That which tries to be it. Like you.

Ivanov [to Mace]

The line between scientist and mad scientist is paper-thin.

Mack [to Fitz]

Aida: If you're done playing with your food, there's still work to be done.
Ivanov: Metaphor. Well done.

This is why I don't have Facebook.


It is for the protection of your cats. I assure you.

Coulson [in Russian]