Yo-Yo [to Daisy]: This isn’t about the decision, is it? This is not about following your orders!
Daisy: It’s about both!
Yo-Yo: Well, we didn’t pick *you*! Coulson made that decision and brought you back, when he could’ve broken the loop right there!

I’m Air Force, Phil. I know enough about navigational aids to know that every hangar has a landing assist…


How was I supposed to know there was an “alien invasion” option?!


Oh, and due to a technical malfunction, the Lighthouse thinks we’re under nuclear attack, so we may be trapped inside for fifteen years. Ish. [...] I’m sure there’s a way around that, so in the meantime, there’s no reason to panic. The Lighthouse survives the Earth cracking apart, so one flying saucer? Probably no big deal.


Piper: That is insane! I mean, it’s a miracle you survived all that with just one scar!
Davis: Yeah.
Piper: You tell everyone that story?
Davis: I don’t think they care!

Aw. You two are adorable. I ship it. I really do.

Ruby [to FitzSimmons]

Fitz: I can’t choose anything over you, not even--
Simmons: Yeah. I feel the same way.

Coulson: You making some progress?
Mack: Eh. Yeah, it’s coming along, but I gotta say, the idea of the Zephyr flying in space still feels a bit out there.
Deke: Yeah, well, I’m not even gonna be born for another fifty years, so maybe rethink ‘out there’!

Deke [asking for love advice]: Like, you got a good thing going.
Mack: Don’t look at me! Last time I saw Yo-Yo, she lied to me, locked me up, and ran off.
Deke: Coulson?
Coulson: Sorry, bro. Apparently I’m incapable of expressing my feelings or letting people take care of me.
Deke: Well, you guys are useless. It’s lemons, then.

Ruby: I was never good enough for you!
Hale: No! All I ever wanted was for you to reach your true potential.

Daisy: I had it under control! She was coming around, and then Yo-Yo killed her!
Yo-Yo: No. I just saved the world.

Is Daisy here? She’s so pretty. I wanna put my mouth on her mouth and move it around a lot, but I don’t wanna do that unless she wants to, too, because that’s what makes it nice. But I don’t think she wants that, ‘cause she does not like me one bit.

Deke [drugged]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Quotes

Mack: What’s going on?!
Coulson [gestures at an unconscious Virgil]: I was about to find out!
Mack: Oh, my bad! I see a dirty-looking dude hovering over you with a crazy-looking gun, I acted on impulse!

Virgil: You’re here. Agent Coulson of SHIELD. You’ve come to save us!
Coulson: Just to clarify, where is “here,” who is “us,” and from what?!