Wednesday: I'm going to win this one. People like me more than they like you.
World: I prefer to be feared.

Money: Okay, enough. I'm honored to have the big dogs and the god gang begging at my table but Money doesn't make emotional investments or invest in emotional entities. Too much risk in such ventures. Not enough opportunity.
Wednesday: You could always hedge your bets.

World: Have you seen what's happened to the world? It isn't fives, tens and twentys anymore. It isn't cash or gold. It's zeroes and ones. Digitized and encrypted. Sent out fiber optic cables at the speed of light to accounts in banks with no physical location.
Wednesday: Money loves profit. And war is always profitable.

World: When you strike with lightning, you should expect consequences.
Wednesday: Mess with my people, expect disproportionate consequences.

Mr. Nancy: Egyptians told tales of the sacred Book of Thoth which contained the secrets of the gods and brings misery and pain and suffering to anyone who reads it.
Mr. Ibis: And grants a birds-eye view to he who writes it.

Wednesday: You miss the battle, don't you, Kali? The screams and the cries. I recall the day you slew Raktabija. The only sound that day was the whisper of the wind, whistling through the blood-soaked grass.
Mama-Ji: We had a good time.

Mama-Ji: You think America was eager to hand over the money bag to the hungry, the tired, and the poor? We battled for every god-damned scrap.
Wednesday: You love it.
Mama-Ji: Victory is sweet on the tongue. And profit is sweet on the pocket.

I have a piece of paper. But I want this salt shaker. You have the salt shaker but you're willing to take my piece of paper for your salt shaker. Now, why would you do that? Because this isn't actually a piece of paper. It's a story. And the story you've heard over and over and over again is to convince you that this is worth something, this is of value. No matter what country or culture or religion. The whole world loves money. The greatest story ever told.


A woman's heart should never be so hidden in God that she cannot hear her own truth.


Money. The most influential god in America. Untouchable asshole but his stock never falls.


Only humans could have come up with monogamy. An unnatural concept.


Shall we seize the day by the ass before she finds a new dance partner?


American Gods Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I translated all of Bach's cantatas into a database that wrote a program that segmented the notes into digital objects the way that Bach statistically attended to... But everything it created was mechanical, artificial. The real insight was in programming violations to predictable variations. I gave it permission to shatter the rules.


This is grief. And yet, the rising notes of joy, shattering his own rules. Can you hear it? This is how men like me pray.