Leave him alone, he deserves a happy ending.


I needed to believe that a normal life was possible after Camp Redwood, a glimmer of hope after all that darkness. Your dad was that for me.


Thanks for nothing, f–kface!


He came here to do good, but dark forces took him away.


Everyone you see here is likely to kill you.


They're dead, Courtney. Kajagugu is dead.


Benjamin: I'm going to end you in this place.
Richard: Bring it on, Key Man.

Donna: Every horror movie has a final girl.
Brooke: Final girl?
Donna: The one who survives it all and lives to tell the tale.

Worker: Hey man, who are you with?
Richard: Satan.
Worker: Right on.

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You stay, you die.


Counselor: So gross. Aren't you bored of this by now?
Counselor #2: Seriously. I haven't wanted to touch a living person since 1972.

Woman: Hello? Your music is very loud. We have to wake up early for Disney Land. Please turn it down.
Night Stalker: Idol only plays one way. Full throttle. What, you don't got Billy Idol in France?

American Horror Story Season 9 Quotes

Bitch! I will find you. Satan will show me the way.


I know it may sound silly to you, but I'm going to be the greatest aerobics competitor of all time. I'm Montana, by the way.