Rainbow: But if you were to have a heart attack, he would give a great speech and I would keep you alive. I just don't understand why we're called the same thing.
Dre: Wow, I really don't like this side of you, so I'm tapping out.
Rainbow: Well go ahead and tap out, but if you slip and fall, I'll just have to find you a PhD to help you.

Dre: Charlie, are you wearing dress slacks?
Charlie: Don't worry about it, I'm going to tuck them into my socks. Oh man, I forgot socks. Sometimes when I'm talking to the Lord I lose track of things.

Dre: I was beginning to think I'd never see you again. I almost forgot what your face looked like.
Rainbow: It's been twelve minutes.

Dre: There are certain trailblazing cultural icons that every black person should know: Obama, Tupac, Dave Chappelle. Hell I'd say Dr. King's near the top of that list wouldn't you?
Rainbow: Maybe even above Dave Chappelle.

We better hurry before Pops comes back. You know he could be grabbing a tire iron or grabbing a ham, I never know.


Pops: It's not a mess son, it's a dance, it's a beautiful dance. Honestly when things are good with me and your momma I never feel more alive
Dre: Until she tries to kill you.
Pops: Well then I feel lucky to be alive, I told you, it's a dance.

Ruby: Nothing was ever proven.
Pops: Yeah son, sometimes boats just blow up.
Dre: Sometimes it happens twice.

Ruby:Bless his heart, are you sure he's ours?
Pops: You know there was another black baby in that nursery, but he looked smart. I bet he was ours.

Zoey: That's disgusting. We are not playing star-crossed lovers.
Junior: It's not like we're actually kissing.
Zoey: But I might actually kill myself.

Rainbow: You better share the glory lady or I will burn down your house of lies, or should I say, casa of lies?
Ruby: I didn't do it all, your mama washed the lettuce!

It's a miracle! Jesus turned the turkey to ham!


Ruby: If I didn't know you were mixed, I'd swear you were Chinese.
Rainbow: Ruby, that's racist!
Ruby: Black people can't be racist.
Dre: I was robbed by a damn Mexican!
Ruby: See, totally acceptable.