You know how you always talk about the greater good. There's not a place out there where you can do greater good than you can from in here.


Adrian: I was jogging.
Erin: Jogging? In jeans, a hoodie, and work boots.

Mayor Poole: Sorry to keep you waiting, Frank.
Frank: It's what we do, you and I.

If somebody's headed to the bottom they're going to get there no matter how many times you put out a net.


I'll be damned if I'm going to let her sit in the Captain's office sipping hot cocoa while she's being charged with a felony for protecting her friends.


Ok, is there anyone here who didn't kill him?


I know you don't like the man or care about what happens to him.


This thing is going to haunt you until you put it down.


Hit by a bus, that's supposed to be, like you know, a metaphor. You actually get hit by a bus it means things are lined up against you.


Do good work. Come back safe.


For now, I like the idea of actually preventing something bad from happening instead of mopping up after it.


Danny: You're like the pope of cops.
Jamie: You're infallible.