Don't even try testing my knowledge of high end shoes.


Linda: I live in a man cave you know.
Erin: I could use a little more of that. The man, not the cave.

Just because a case is closed doesn't mean you've got closure.


At some point in your life you went up the mountain and you came back down with your own tablets of what is and what is not the right thing to do written in stone, which allows for certainty but not always wisdom.


Let's appeal to the sense of pride in the professional criminal.


Your feet spread apart, hands on the hood.


Is that true young man, because your ability to sit down for a week hangs in the balance?


Linda: So Frank, how was Joyce?
Frank: Seldom right but never uncertain.

I'm the problem? Usually people got to meet me first before they figure that part out.


I'm just getting tired of everyone else solving the puzzle. The most we get to do is take it out of the box and put a few of the edge pieces together.


I'd buy you a fake mustache and glasses but you've got that covered.


The judgement comes if there's something we miss and innocent people die.


Blue Bloods Season 4 Quotes

We decline to charge suspects every day. Many of them are guilty but you still need evidence.


Jamie: I thought I was just another cop.
Frank: You are. You're also a lawyer and you'll understand the why of this more than most.